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Timber and Damp solutions

We have great experience in dealing with damp and wood rot in buildings from cottages to castles. Our solutions are targeted and try to minimise damage to the existing structure.

Damp Investigation Services

Yearly inspections of buildings to identify urgent maintenance issues relating to water ingress. We carry out Home-buyers and home sellers…


If you have a problem, we have a suitable repair service solution just give a call. Just some of the…

Dry Rot

Some background info The name Dry rot is misleading name as the timber has to be wet for it to…

Damp and Wood rot

We carry out investigation to allow specifying structural repairs to timbers and any necessary timber treatments to control an infection or infestation.

areas of water penetration of the building envelope

Dampness Investigation

A dampness investigation should be carried out to understand the presence of unwanted moisture in the buildings structure. When you…

Rafter repairs

Building Repair Services

Some of our building repair services Replacing timber safe lintels. One of our main building repair services is structural repairs…

Dry and wet rot

Give us a call to help you with your dry or wet rot problem, I am also aware of some…

rising damp in a wall

Rising Damp

Rising Damp is the name given to a form of dampness, which only comes from groundwater, moving up through the…

Basement waterproofing

A basement waterproofing system (traditionally called tanking).  We now call it Structural Waterproofing as tanking is limited to specifics materials…

Condensation on


Condensation in homes occurs when the interior atmosphere gets out of balance and is holding too much water vapour and…

unhealthy mould growing on plasterboard

Can damp and mould can affect health?

Yes, if you have damp and mould in your home is can affect your health as, you're more likely to…


In Scotland, the main wood-boring insect in buildings is the common furniture beetle (Anobium Punctatum) and  its woodworm larva is…

Get a costing for investigation and repairs

The more information gained from inspection and exposure work, leads to a more accurate probable cost of repairs. In an existing building the majority of the structural timbers are hidden and makes accurate costing difficult.

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