instigating dry rot in timbersafe lintel and joist

Damp Investigation Services

  • Yearly inspections of buildings to identify urgent maintenance issues relating to water ingress.
  • We carry out Homebuyers and home seller’s inspection reports.
  • Condensation reports.
  • A consultancy service for damp and timber decay.
  • Testing of timbersafe lintels.
  • Drill testing of joist ends and reporting.
  • Testing of Bressumer beams for wood rot.
  • We are installing dry rot sensors to monitor outbreaks.
  • Salt analysis of masonry samples.
  • Design epoxy resin structural repairs.
  • Identification of wood-boring insects in buildings.
  • Find the total moisture content of masonry.
  • Monitoring the relative humidity within a building.
  • In-depth moisture content testing in large timbers.
  • Investigate common furniture beetle activity from May to August.
  • Saving historic cornice work affected by dry rot
  • Training for construction staff in carrying out specialist works.
  • Moisture Sensor installation to monitor the drying of the building.
  • Monitoring air-born moisture and temperature by installing a relative humidity, thermometer sensor data logger, and the data will show RH, Temp and dew point over a period.

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