Electro Osmosis

Electro Osmosis, the environmentally friendly method of controlling rising damp.

Electro-osmotic flow was first reported in 1807 by Ferdinand Friedrich Reuss in an unpublished lecture before the Physical-Medical Society of Moscow He showed that water could be made to flow through a plug of clay by applying an electric voltage. Also, Electro-osmosis was discovered independently in 1814 by the English chemist Robert Porrett Jr. You can see a water being pumped on YouTube

The Lectros rising damp control system is based on a scientific understanding of water and has been used in over 200,000* installations.  It reverses the rising damp process using scientific knowledge.  By installing a titanium cable which has with platinum anodes, around the walls at an appropriate depth and centres for the thickness of the wall, and this can be done from one side up to a 1-metre-thick wall. Link cables are fitted to bridge doors fireplace etc. Un-protected (isolated) copper pipes must not come in contact with the cable.

A 6v power pack is fitted, and copper earth rod is fitted into the ground 2 m from the installation which acts as the cathode.  The power to the anodes and cathode is balanced by the power pack (which looks like a phone charger), and this controls the rising damp.

*Source Wykamol

Reference: https://wykamol.com/uploads/files/TDS/Lectros-12-page-brochure-Jan-2010.pdf

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