Common Repairs

What is a tenement

Most people think of common repairs in Scotland only being carried out in a period three or four-storey sandstone building when you hear the word ‘tenement’, a tenement is any building with two or more flats on top of each other. This means houses that have been converted into flats, high-rise blocks and new apartment blocks are all tenements.

The law

Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004

The Tenement common repair Management Scheme:

  • explains what counts as maintenance.
  • lists the ‘scheme property’ (the parts of the tenement every flat owner should maintain).
  • tells you how to come to agreements about maintenance (known as ‘scheme decisions’).
  • tells you how maintenance costs are shared between owners.

Common insurance

  • By law, you must insure your own and your share of the common property, so that if the tenement needs to be rebuilt you can contribute

The above information can be seen in detail from the Scottish government.

Help from City of Edinburgh Council

Edinburgh has a Shared Repairs Service which offers free advice and information to help owners organise common repairs to the shared or common areas of your property. Find there contact details below.

Help and information from Shelter Scotland

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