Repair Services

If you have a problem, we have a suitable repair service solution just give a call.

Dry rot affected joists being repaired

Just some of the services we offer:

  • Replacing timber safe lintels.
  • Structural repairs to joists, rafter and effected timbers.
  • Treat woodworm infestations.
  • Chemical Damp Proof Course to control rising damp in masonry walls.
  • Electro-osmotic damp proofing to control rising damp in masonry walls.
  • Structural Waterproofing to prevent or control lateral penetration of groundwater using a coating or a Cavity Drain Membrane to hold the moisture in the capillaries or drain the moisture, depending on the situation.
  • Epoxy floor coating to seal a solid floor, which does not have a damp proof membrane.Two part epoxy coating creating a damp proof membrane on a concrete floor wich is damp
  • Dry and wet rot treatment using Boron based preservative.
  • Spray floors and voids with macro emulsion, which allows access after 1 hour depending on the formulation.
  • Epoxy Resin structural repairs to decayed ends of large timber beams, trusses etc.Epoxy resin repair of a timber truss end affected by dry rot
  • Investigations of rainwater downpipes and drains above and below ground.
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